How To Get Involved In Animal Rights
And Defeat this War on Animals

This is your free online course about how to get involved in animal rights as a practical activity. We live in an animal holocaust and mass extinction of human making - a war on animals - about which people give no thought. People kill vast numbers of animals: two million pigs a week in the US alone and over 70 billion chickens annually worldwide. So let's defend animal life and Nature and promote a humane society. Please act upon this course. Check its contents below .

The greatest threat to people is ignorance.
The greatest threat to animals is ignorant people.

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The data on this network is for information purposes only, and should not be used for any illegal activities as defined by the jurisdiction you live in. Global Wildlife Warriors does not support or encourage any form of harassment and or any illegal activities; nothing on our network has the purpose of inciting such behavior, and we request that all communications are kept polite and all actions are conducted within the confines of the law.


Our Purpose Is The Education Of The Minds Of Man





Chapter 1. Introduction to Getting Involved In Animal Rights

1. The Broad Setting

2. Mass Extinction

3. The Animal Holocaust

Chapter 2. Know Your Animal Ethics & Animal Rights

1. Animal Ethics
Importance of Animal Ethics
Now a Biff From History
How to Proceed?
Ethical Theories
Ethical Theories Compared
Choosing an Ethical Theory
Do Philosophical Ideas Work?

2. Animal Rights
What are Animal Rights?
Background to Animal Rights
Major Dates for Rights
Animal Rights Theory
Fundamental Animal Ethical Positions
Variations on Animal Rights
Are Rights a Cure-all?
Universal Declaration on Animals
Arguments For & Against Animal Rights

3. Comparing Animal Philosophies

Animal Ethics vs. Animal Rights
Animal Rights vs. Animal Welfare
Animal Rights vs. Conservation
Deep Ecology

Chapter 3. Campaigning Methods for Animal Rights

1. Introduction

2. Campaigning
Where to Begin?
Keeping Going
Ten Essential Campaigning Tips
More Tips

3. Civil Disobedience
What Is Civil Disobedience
Civil Disobedience & Animal Rights
Arguments For & Against Civil Disobedience

4. Direct Action
What is Direct Action?
Examples of Animal Rights Direct Action
Individual vs Mass Direct Action
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty
The Battle of Brightlingsea
Inset: Background to Brightlingsea
Comparing Direct Actions
Direct Action vs Civil Disobedience
Efficacy of Direct Action

5. Action Planning
What is an Action Plan?
Why an Action Plan?
Who Should Produce the Action Plan?
Before You Begin
Distinguish Operations From Administrations
Creating Your Action Plan
You Should Be Smart
You Should Also SWOT
Make It Happen
Review It
A Simple Action Plan Template

6. Lobbying
Who Can Lobby?
What & Whom to Lobby
Start Lobbying
How to Lobby
Lobbying Techniques

7. Picketing
What is Picketing?
AR Picketing is Like Industrial Picketing
How to Picket

8. Starting a Group
What to Do?
Name & Logo
Finding Members
A Constitution?
The Group Committee
Group Success Or Failure

9. Publicity

10. Leafleting
Posters & Placards
Other Media

11.News Media
Media Tips
A Feature Article?
The Letters Page
News Release
The Radio
Radio Tips

12. Internet
The Web
Create Your Own Web Site
Designing Your Web Site
Capturing Viewers
Discussion Boards

Chapter 4. Activities for Animal Rights

1. Undercover Investigator

2. Video Activist

3. Animal Friendly Traveler

4. Preacher

5. Animal Rescuer

6. Investigative Reporter

7. Media Watcher

8. Philosopher

9. Flyer

10. Personal Activist

11. Animal Lawyer

12. Politician

13. Prisoner Supporter

14. Public & School Speaker

15. Aerial Snooper

16. Scientific Investigator

17. Solo Information Worker

18. Street Theatre Actor

19. Teacher

20. Voluntary Worker Abroad

Chapter 5. The Law & Animal Rights

1. Terrorism
Terrorism Defined
Animal Extremism & Terrorism
Does AR Extremism Work in Practice?

2. Violence or Nonviolence?
Can We Justify Violence?
Kinds of Violence
Views For & Against Violence
Is Violence Efficacious?

3. The Law - US & Britain
United States
FBI vs Extremists
Extremist Tactics
Establishment Fights Back

4. Police Arrest
In the Street & At Your Door
At the Police Station
Your Tactics
Know Your Rights
Remaining Silent
Your Lawyer
Suing the Police

Chapter 6. Animal Numbers Raised & Killed

1. Summary

2. Chickens

3. Pigs

4. Beef Cattle

5. Fish

6. Meat Consumption

7. Fur-bearers

8. Experimental Animals

Chapter 7. Extras!

1. Mutilations of Farm Animals

2. The Five Freedoms

3. Painism

4. The Forgotten Fur

5. The Golden Rule

6. Human Overpopulation

7. Climate Change

8. Think Like an Animal


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