Mind Is The Slayer Of The Real


Slay The Slayer



There once was a beggar who spent his entire life on a tiny plot of barren land beside a busy roadway. His wedge of worthless property was all he owned, and it did not even contain a shelter to protect him from the elements. Each night he slept curled up beneath the uncaring stars, and his days were spent squatting in the dust beside  the roadway, begging for crumbs from passersby. The years of his life dragged by like an endless parade of dreary ordeals, filled with constant loneliness, hunger, pain and ill health, and the only way he found the necessary strength to survive them all was by incessantly  spinning a host of elaborate daydreams in which he would imagine a future time when every conceivable pleasure be his to enjoy without restriction.  

In such a manner did this miserable wretch pass seventy interminable years, and the closest thing to real pleasure he ever experienced was an occasional abatement of his chronic hunger pangs, thanks to some half-eaten morsel tossed his way by an itinerant   stranger. Finally, the Lord of Death showed mercy and came down to liberate him from his tortured existence, but even then the fool fought desperately to embrace his worthless life in the futile hope that someday all his fantasies would still come true.

And so, miserable to the very end, he was wrenched away into the world of ancestors, leaving the local authorities with the distasteful task of disposing of his pitiful remains. Deciding that it would be easiest and most fitting to simply bury his body in the place where he had spent his entire life, they began to dig a grave in the middle of that tiny piece of wasteland. When they had dug no deeper than a few feet, however, their shovels suddenly broke through the ceiling of an ancient underground vault which contained an enormous mountain of buried treasure.

Thus, that woeful derelict had lived seventy years of needless agony, begging for crumbs his whole life long, tragically unaware that all the while he had actually been the rich and powerful lord of a magnificent estate.

Perhaps it will come as a shock to some of us, but this tale is a classical analogy employed by the science of metaphysics to describe the life of every human being. Though at first we may become a bit indignant at being compared to that tragic figure portrayed above, the ancient science which we are about to examine is founded upon the unqualified assertion that each and every one of us is exactly comparable to that poor devil. If we don’t happen to feel particularly miserable right now, we’re told, it’s because we simply do not know what we are missing. The venerable sages of this ancient science assure us that compared to what we could be if we ever fully realized our hidden potential, even the greatest king who ever lived was a miserable beggar.

Though most of us would find it rather difficult to admit with much conviction that we are in reality a “rich and powerful lord of a magnificent estate,” we might at least own up to feeling a subtle but constant gnawing awareness that somehow our life should be a great deal better than it is right now. In fact, if we were not feeling some measure of disappointment in our present existence and its promise for the future, we would probably not have bothered to look between the covers of this web.

Now, what could an average member of modern society possibly have to feel miserable or even dissatisfied about? We are currently enjoying the highest standard of living in the history of humankind; we are better housed, better fed, better clothed better educated, better paid and better cared for medically than any other citizens in history. We have more political freedom, more personal rights, more leisure time, more material comforts and more labor saving devices than our ancestors dreamed of, and yet, with all our wealth, luxuries and freedom, we must still be counted among the most unhappy and unhealthy people to walk the earth.

At this very moment no less than ninety percent of contemporary civilization is in the process of committing gradual suicide through one or more self-destructive addictions such as alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, prescription and nonprescription drugs, narcotics, and junk food. Our bodies, which medical science assures us sate built to last at least 600 years (provided our cells can eliminate their waste matter and reproduce properly, are instead ravaged by heart disease, cancer, arthritis, allergies, ulcers, tooth decay, malnutrition, obesity, influenza, chronic head and backaches, falling eyesight and hearing, the list is endless and if we’re somehow we are lucky enough to avoid most of these illnesses, we are certain to fall prey to the universal disease, old age, which is nothing more than the body suffocating in its own waste matter. If we do manage to live to the age of sixty-five, we are rewarded by being labeled obsolete by a youth-oriented society which has little use for those who can no longer keep up the high standards of production and consumption that this culture demands of its members. One out of ten of us are in need of mental treatment, plagued by neurosis, frustration, anxiety, depression, emotional instability, inability to love, loneliness, rage, hate, compulsion, insecurity or outright psychosis. Socially and economically there is also chaos and decay: our divorce rate is up to fifty percent, we are suffering from public apathy, governmental corruption, monopolization by big business, and runaway inflations which are interrupted only by are disastrous depressions, and there are raging epidemics of crime, violence, racism, sexism, hedonism and perversion. Even if for us personally everything seems to be going rather well at present how could any truly compassionate person ever claim to be satisfied with life while so many of our fellow human beings are obviously wallowing in abject misery?

Social reformers offer a multitude of reasons for this alarming state of affairs, but this web will maintain that there is only one reason. In our enthusiasm to pursue external “crumbs,” we have forgotten that a treasure of inconceivable value lies buried right inside of us. In other words, we have lost the knowledge of our own true worth. In effect, we have forgotten who we really are, and the following web pages will explain why this single fact is the sole cause of all our suffering, both personal and collective. The contention herein will be that loss of self-knowledge results in loss of self-esteem, and alienation from one’s self results in feelings of alienation toward everything else in Creation as well.

Quite simply put, when human beings begin to feel worthless and alone, they begin to act that way. This is why all valid personal-growth disciplines insist that the only meaningful way any of us can contribute to the establishment of universal harmony is by eliminating disharmony within our own being, through the pursuit and attainment of true self-awareness.

The main purpose of this web, then, is not just to pinpoint the cause of our present predicament, but to thoroughly investigate an effective remedy as well, one which has already begun working for hundreds of thousands of people who once suffered from feelings of misery or dissatisfaction regarding the meaning and value of their lives. During its course, this presentation plans to accomplish the following objectives:

(1) To present the evidence supporting the existence of a hidden reservoir of growth-potential within each human being and to divulge its exact nature.

(2) To describe a specific technique which for thousands of years has been successfully employed to tap this secret reservoir.

(3) To detail the precise process of personal evolution which then ensues, elevating us to the full expression of our highest potential at every level of our being.

(4) To carefully examine one particular system of personal growth which guarantees to activate this process, with ease and safety, in virtually every person who desires it?